Daydream Story

After retiring from the military and starting 2nd careers that brought them to the Seattle Area, Steve and Cathie Berger came across a small alpaca farm on Whidbey Island called Fern Ridge and fell in love. Daydreams of one day owning their own alpacas quickly turned into researching and planning. They met Randy and Beth Brealey, from Chelsea Farms, and they purchased their first Suri Alpacas.  It was a perfect fit… not only the alpacas, but their mentors and now close friends.

Still employed full-time and looking forward to retiring “One Day”, we raise our small herd with great care and attention.  It has been incredibly fun so far and look forward to introducing new potential alpaca owners to our alpacas and alpaca farming.  If you find yourself daydreaming about alpacas, please reach out to Cat and let the research begin!  [email protected]