Daydream Story

After retiring from the Air Force and starting 2nd careers that brought them to the Seattle Area, Steve and Cathie Berger came across a small alpaca farm on Whidbey Island called Fern Ridge and fell in love. Daydreams of one day owning their own alpacas quickly turned into researching and planning.  In 2017, they met Randy and Beth Brealey, from Chelsea Farms, and they purchased their first Suri Alpacas.  It was a perfect fit… not only the alpacas, but their mentors and now close friends.

Along with the Brealeys, Cathie and Steve met a welcoming group of fellow alpaca owners from the Alpaca Association of Western Washington that confirmed their hopes that alpacas were the right fit for them.  The group, their meetings, educational opportunities and frankly their friendships have been a blessing.

Jordan and Joe have been a big help developing plans, setting up the business and helping turn a forested property into a farm.  Lexie is the newest member of the team, she’ll be helping with animal care and and assisting with educational materials, events and tours.

Meet the Daydream Team

Steve – CFO (Chief Farm/Financial Officer)

Cathie – CAO (Chief Alpaca Officer)

Jordan – Director of Operations

Joe – Director of Marketing

Lexie – Animal Care Coordinator