So that just happened…Covid

Wow! I feel like we’re starting to come out of the Covid cocoon, hoping it’s not too soon. Praying for all affected and especially for the first line workers from healthcare to grocery stores and for all the moms and dads trying to work from home with little ones and homeschooling. Crazy times!!

We are fine out at the farm, everyone staying home and staying healthy. I thought it might be a good time for an update. Tamara and Reflection’s breedings from August were good – all signs are good for July birthdays. We added three alpacas last fall: Dani a fawn female, Skippy a fawn male and Jack a beautiful white male. Yesterday we brought home Black Pearl an amazing True Black female, she is so pretty, it’s beyond words…. we posted pictures and video on our facebook, and will add some below.

As we continue to grow we have been building new pastures, doing fencing and are in the middle of building a new shelter.

Prior to Covid, we had several groups of visitors, we really enjoyed sharing the alpacas with them. The alpacas really seem to enjoy kids, they are smaller and less intimidating and the alpacas are so curious about them, it’s a lot of fun to watch:)

We hope that everyone continues to stay home and stay healthy. As things change, and we get past this crazy time, we’ll update on the status of farm and visits. We had so many fun things planned for the summer, but everyone’s health is the HIGHEST priority:)

Curiosity is just in their nature:)
Daydream Alpacas newest addition Black Pearl!