Settling In & Welcoming Guests

Wow! What a busy, but GREAT summer. With the second phase of the fencing done, we brought our 2 new boys down from Chelsea Farms. Our herd is now 7, 4 boys (1 year olds) and 3 ladies. Splitting the boys from the girls was a little sad. They look at that fence with a “but Why?” look on their faces, but with the boys maturing and the ladies pregnant, it’s best for everyone. Dash sleeps close to the fence and Tamara, his mom, sleeps nearby on the other side, pretty sweet.

We started giving small group tours and have a group reserved for a gathering on the patio.  We hope to connect with a 4-H group or scout troop soon. It’s fun to share the alpacas with our community. So far the boys have been our greeters, they have been around us and our large extended family a lot this first year of their lives so they seem pretty social. Tamara, our laid back mom, also does well with folks IF there are treats involved.

Groups of 10 or less seem the perfect size, the alpacas don’t seem overwhelmed by that number of strangers to check out. Guests who are calm, patient and kneel down seem to peek the alpacas interest the most. Lots of hair sniffing and face to face time in those encounters. Super Cute!!

We’re still figuring out the agritourism part of owning our farm and hope that all goes well. The goal is for our visitors and our alpacas to have a great experience.

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