2019 Breeding Program

It’s that time of year for our farm… breeding time. We’ve studied the girl’s lineage, their fiber and conformation characteristics and checked out the potential males (sires) for qualities we’d like to mix with our girls for potentially even better crias (babies).

Chelsea Farms has so many wonderful males it took some effort to determine who we wanted to use this year. Randy and Beth at Chelsea Farms made the whole process so easy and are so helpful. Drive in, unload, introductions, get down to business, load them up and go. So helpful, we love working with them!!

Tamara is white with small brown spot with great fleece, luster, fineness and lots of potential. Last September she had Dash our amazingly soft shiny all brown male. He’s a real joy both to look at and to watch, such a character. This year we paired her with Greystone’s Shadow, he’s a real beauty, dark gray with multi colors on his face. He has sired several wonderful crias including grays and Appaloosas this past year. We are super excited to see the results but have to wait until next July when the girls will be due.

Reflection our little spitfire is paired with Santana a real winner with fiber that is so soft it’s like satin. He fawn colored with cute white bangs and perfectly conformed body shape. With the mix of brown fawn and white on both of them it’s a toss up what the cria will be color wise, but the quality of the fleece with be no doubt wonderful to see, spin and knit with.

Stay tuned for the progress and pictures. Thanks for your interest in alpacas, if you’d like to visit please send me and email cat@daydreamalpacas.com

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