Small private family alpaca farm focusing on breeding and fiber programs.

Community - Alpaca Connections

Providing opportunities for the community to come and meet our alpacas and learn about their history, the uses for their fleece/fiber, and how they differ from Llamas and their camelid cousins.  They are amazing animals!  Alpacas are calm, loving and happy to interact with small groups.

We host group fiber art and spinning events and we welcome small groups like Scouts and 4-H to our farm for meetings or events.  Our animals, forested trails and wide open spaces provide lots of possibilities.   If you would like to schedule a small group event, please email

Breeding Program

We are embarking on an alpaca breeding program with high hopes of producing exceptional offspring that exceed breed standards and carry forward all the best traits.

Alpaca Fiber

We shear our alpacas once a year and their fiber is processed into roving, yarn or big rug yarn for crafters to use.  Alpaca fiber is used to create all kinds of clothing items like sweaters, shawls, scarves, socks, hats,  as well as rugs and other home decor items.

If you are a spinner, weaver, knitter, crocheter, fiber or felt artist, please consider trying alpaca fiber.  It is amazingly soft, comes in 16 natural colors and dyes beautifully.  Fiber artists  are hand painting alpaca, it looks amazing and sells well on Etsy and at markets.  Alpaca fleece has no lanolin like sheep's wool so allergic reactions are not an issue for those wanting to knit garments.  The fiber is fire resistant, water repellent, has excellent thermal properties, it wicks away moisture, and has antimicrobial properties .  Alpaca socks are well known for being the perfect gift for everyone.  It's a sustainable, environmentally friendly textile.

We hope to provide opportunities for local crafters to visit the farm. If you are interested please contact and watch the blog or daydreamalpacas facebook page for events.

Alpaca Owner's Associations

If you are interested in some general information about alpaca, please check out the Alpaca Owner Association website.